Our Fitler staff members are highly-qualified dedicated educators that provide a quality 21st-century educational program for your child.

Ms. Moore, Kindergarten, 107

Ms. Hanlon, Grade 1, 106

Ms. Leahy, Grade 2, 105

Ms. Forgione, Grade 3, 205

Ms. Durante, 4th Grade, 204

5th Grade, 203

Ms. Simmons, Middle Years 6-8, Science, 301

Ms. Pringle, Middle Years 6-8 Math, 304

Ms. Steiner-Rose, Middle Years 6-8 ELA, 305

Ms. Palmer, SPECM

Ms. Reynolds, ES

Ms. Lowry, ES, 307

Ms. Smalls, Building Substitute

Ms. Holmes, Dean of Students, 206, Technology

Mr. Teagle, Physical Education/Health

Ms. Spalding, Art, 201

Ms. Gonzalez, Spanish, 207

Ms. Gair-Hoopes,SBTL, Room 103

Ms. Mapp-Luke, Counselor, Room 111

Ms. Burrell, Nurse, Room 109

Ms. Maddox, Psychologist, Room 110

Ms. Good, Speech Therapist, Room 110

Mr. Roemer, Instrument Music, Room 103

Ms. Taylor, Food Services, Cafeteria

Mr. Palmer, Building Engineer

Ms. White, Custodial Assistant

Mr. Harris, General Cleaner

Mr. Douglas, General Cleaner

Ms. Kirby, Climate liaison, 109

Ms. Jones, Climate Staff

Officer Daniels, SSO, Main Office

Ms. Gray, 1 to 1

Ms. Bacchus, 1 to 1

Ms. Bartley, 1 to 1

Ms. Cooper, 1 to 1

Ms. Dominguez, 1 to 1

Ms. Himmons, 1 to 1

Ms. White, 1 to 1

Ms. J. Williams, 1 to 1

Ms. T. Williams, 1 to 1

Ms. Muhammad, 1 to 1

Ms. Rollison, Office Support

Ms. Johnson, Secretary, Main Office

Mr. Boone, Principal, Main Office