About Us

Fitler Academics Plus School is a desegregated school that provides an educational program for student’s grades one to eight. It is housed in a three-story stone structure built in 1897. This school is the oldest existing building still utilized by the School District of Philadelphia, located in the heart of historic Germantown. Fitler was the first Academics Plus School in Philadelphia and continues to adhere to the goals of a strong commitment to academic achievement, discipline, dress code and parental involvement. Fitler is a desegregated magnet school, since the majority of our students come from communities throughout Philadelphia.

The Fitler staff consists of 15 classroom teachers, two for each grade two through eight, and one first grade teacher. To support our classroom teachers, we have a school-based teacher leader, counselor, health/physical education teacher, mentally gifted/resource room teacher, computer teacher, PSSA prep teacher. In addition, we also have a full-time secretary, building engineer, custodial assistants, non-teaching assistants, a part-time nurse, speech and language therapist, and a school psychologist. Fitler has a supportive Home and School Association. This year they have focused on increased parental involvement in school projects.

The Fitler staff is conscientiously working towards improving academic achievement throughout the grades. By focusing on study skills and continuing staff development on the Core Curriculum, Comprehensive Literacy Frameworks, and Mathematics Instructional Model, we hope to achieve our goals.